ABSOLUTELY.  YES, products we sell are genuine.  Can we prove it to you by sending you a copy of the receipt from the manufacturer?  No.  Why not?  Keep reading, the answer is below.  

The products we sell are always within the range of dates-of-use recommended by the manufacturer.   We’re they delivered fresh from the factory line to our warehouse?  No.  But, neither are the products you buy at department stores or name-brand mall retailers.  In fact, those products are probably older than the ones we have in stock. 

That’s our secret. Well not really. We buy products from retailers, salons, spas, and, sometimes even dermatologists who need help with their cash flow. Very often, these retailers order minimums required by manufacturers but cannot sell through the products before their rent is due. And, very often, manufacturers frown upon any retailers having a sale on their products. So, we help them out and thereby help you out. No, we can’t tell you who those retailers, salons, spas, and dermatologists are. Because if we do, they’ll get cut off from the manufacturer – and, we will not be able to supply you with great name-brand products at fair affordable prices to you anymore.

We do a pretty good job of negotiating with those retailers, salons, spas, and, even the smarty pants dermatologists. Also, we’re not greedy. We’re greasing the wheels of the economy – doing our part doesn’t mean we have to become millionaires, just pay our bills.

If you’re unhappy, disappointed, or just simply changed your mind, you can return your products within 30 days of receipt for a full refund.

Just remember, many of skincare products we sell have very active ingredients. So, take it slow. Patch test on your skin. Start with small applications. Allow your skin to acclimate to the new product before you decide it’s not for you.

If your order is over $49, shipping is free to any place within the contiguous United States of America. Otherwise, shipping is a very reasonable $3.90 per order. Yes, we offer expedited 2-day shipping and we charge a very reasonable $9.90 per order. Trust me, we’re not making any money off shipping. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii is just $3.90 for standard and $14.90 for 2-day. Why don’t we offer free shipping on all orders? Well, because we just don’t have enough of a markup on most of the products we sell to offer free shipping.

Sorry, we do not ship internationally at this time.

We process orders within 1 business day. Which means if we receive your order by 6 PM, we’ll ship it out the following day. You’ll receive an order acknowledgement immediately after you place your order, followed by a shipment acknowledgement with a tracking number when we ship your order. We ship from Connecticut. So, depending on where we’re delivering to, it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days for you to receive your order.

Yes, you can call us. BUT, at this time, we cannot promise to pick up the phone when you call. Why not? Because we’re a very small team. There’s only 3 to 4 of us (depending on the day of the week). Most of the time, we’re busy looking for, meeting with, and buying products that we think you’ll want to buy. And, the remaining free time is spent fine-tuning and improving the efficient order processing automation we have set-up so that we can lower the cost of processing and delivering your orders to you. We do want to hear from you though. So, sometimes we may have calls forwarded to our mobile phone while we’re on the road to meet our next supply source. So, if you happen to speak with one of us with airport noise in the background – you know why. Best way to reach us by email and we promise to respond to you within 1-business day. That is, unless the hotel we’re staying at does not offer free wi-fi.