About Us

BareVanity® is dedicated to radiant and healthy skin care for everyone.  Our mission is to offer you brand name products sold at departments stores, salons, day spas, and beauty shops at prices you can afford.  Truth is that brand name skincare products are expensive.  But, you shouldn't have to earn a six or seven figure income to be able to afford them.   Through our network of retail partners, we're able to offer you genuine products at prices that fit anyone's budget.   

How do we do it?  Brick and mortar retailers have to stock products to fill their shelves and to meet manufacturer minimums.   Most times those retailers can not sell through all the stock they carry and they will not discount because the brands frown on discounting.  So, we help them out by buying some of those products at steep discounts so we can offer you the best pricing around.   And, we only offer those products to you after we receive those products into our warehouse for a thorough inspection on quality, condition, and batch dating. 

We hope you too will benefit from the power of the community we build together.   Join us now and post your comments.